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Flashback to 1997 - 11 Jan 2001

Hello Clan na Gael San Diego,
Congratulations on your championship victory and fair play to yous hosting the 2001 Championships. They are deserved rewards for your passion, commitment and hard work.

Keep up the great work,
I might well make the trip over Labour Day,
Ollie Mc Grath (Clan na Gael Championship winner 1997)
PS Francis, I hope your cheekbone healed alright.

Jaysus its been a while - 14 Nov 2000

Well Folks, Congrats on the Junior A win this year, and on getting to host the finals next year.

Great to see so many of the old faces in the Chicago 1999 team photograph. I see Packie still has the fingers strapped and Gilligan still has the bad hamstring. I thought Martin Kilgallon was retiring in 1998 !

Mick Ward must now be the longest serving keeper in North America, as for Francis great to see that the big man has'nt hung up the boots yet. From the website I can still recognise Joe Reddy (Did ya get rid of that pony tail yet ?), James Staunton, Fennelly (Finally moved to the backroom team), Tony Boyle (Is he still as Fiery as ever), and the Bould Jimmy Muldowney is still going strong.

Things are going great for me here at home. Football has taken a bit of a backseat so I could concentrate on further studies, but i have just qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant, so will be shining up the boots again. Please let me know how ye are all getting on. I spent the 2 best summers ever in San Diego thanks to Francis and Dermot taking a chance on a young slip of an Offaly lad wanting to play a bit of football.

I will never forget the craic and the people that I met while there. Looking foward to hearing from ye soon,
All the best from the 1997/1998 dashing wing-back Dotsy. David_Lally@Dell.com

p.s. (If Blackie Quinn is still around tell him that those blisters on my hands still haven't cleared up !!!)

Well-done lads - 08 Sep 2000

Well-done lads from an old player from last year.

It’s Gareth Doonan here. Hope yis all had a great time in Boston and its great to see yis went one step further the year.

Many thanks again for last year, and to Francis for the experience I was allowed to have with the club in both San Fran and Chicago. It was a pity I did not get to say goodbye to you all before I left. I flew on home from Chicago, while yis went back to San Diego. A bit of a rush that morning in the hotel and everybody was up and about in different places.

Anyway I tried to contact you try the home page and it did not work so I’ll write no more until I know that this machine is working.

Give us an email and let us know what the craic is and what’s been happening.

P.s. my sister was in Boston over the summer and I told her to look yis up at the finals, so I suppose she was chatting some of yis. Who’s behind this anyway, is it big red??

Good luck for now,
slainte, Gareth